Get Updated Stats When You Trim Activities in Garmin Connect

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

Have you ever started an activity a little too early on your Garmin device, or forgotten to stop it? We have too. The new activity trimming feature in Garmin Connect lets you adjust the time or distance of your activity and updates your stats for a more accurate view of your overall performance.

For example, if you trim the first half mile from your latest run — maybe your warm-up — it will be removed from all the charts for that run. The pace from that part of the activity will be removed from the pace chart, that part of the run will be removed from the activity map and the distance of your run will be updated.

To trim an activity:

Open the activity file.Open the overflow menu and select Edit.Select Trim Activity from the Stat Editing options.Choose to adjust either the time or distance of your activity.Save your changes and check out your updated summary data.

Here are the activities you can edit currently using the Trim Activity feature:

  1. Running activities

  2. Cycling activities

  3. Elliptical

  4. Stair stepper

  5. Hiking

  6. Walking

  7. Motorcycling

  8. ATV

  9. Motocross

  10. Floor climbing

  11. Flying

  12. Hang gliding

  13. Horseback riding

  14. Hunting/fishing

  15. Inline skating

  16. Mountaineering

  17. Padding

  18. RC/drone

  19. Resort skiing

  20. Sailing

  21. Skating

  22. Ski diving

  23. Snowshoeing

  24. Snowmobiling

  25. Stand-up paddle boarding

  26. Tennis

  27. Wakeboarding

  28. Whitewater kayaking

  29. Wind/kite surfing

  30. Wingsuit flying

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